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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products

This recorder can provide video evidence in regards to crashes, driving disputes etc. HD video with built in mic voice recording, photo capturing and motion detect.

This monitor is similar spec to the monitor included in many of our Parksafe Automotive range, however this version is a slimline version. Instead of clipping on to the vehicles' existing rear view mirror, you simply remove the mirror altogether, and coupled with the relevant vehicle mount (bought separately) you completely replace the mirror for the monitor.

Mounting bracket from Parksafe for fitting the or 34864 Mirror monitor to all vehicles. This kit contains extra strong loctite glue for mounting directly to the windscreen.

Car digital video recorder provides video evidence in case of accidents/incident disputes. 

This plate attaches to the mirror housing of a Fiat Ducato vehicle. This allows the user to fit our 34855 Parksafe stalk that then attaches to all the Parksafe Monitors.

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Clip On/ OEM Bracket Functionality. Audio. Multi Channel. Large Display. Touch Screen. Compatible With All Cameras. Anti Glare. Multi Vehicle Specific Brackets Avaliable. On Screen Display Menu.