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  • Blue Diamond Toilet Triple Pack

    Blue Diamond Toilet Triple Pack

    Blue Diamond Toilet Triple Pack includes 1 litre of toilet fluid, 1 litre of bowl cleaner and a twin pack of quick dissolving caravan toilet tissue. All in a handy display case.
  • Fiamma Pocket Kassett

    Fiamma Pocket Kassett

    Ideal for storing powder toilet chemicals, disposable hygienic gloves, sanitising liquid and various materials for cleaning. Made of UV resistant plastic.
  • Fiamma Porta Kassett

    Fiamma Porta Kassett

    With the increase of people wanting to go wild camping Fiamma introduced the Porta Kassett. The Fiamma Porta Kassett container can be mounted under your motorhome giving you space to carry an extra Thetford waste tank for your toilet, complete with installation kit and made of sturdy shock and weather proof plastic.
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  • Fiamma Porta Kassett C250

    Fiamma Porta Kassett C250

    Container for an extra spare toilet tank. Complete with installation kit. Large practical cover facilitates the insertion and extraction of the tank. Made from sturdy shock and weatherproof plastic. Designed for the Thetford C250 cassette tank. 
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  • Fiamma Soap Dispenser

    Fiamma Soap Dispenser

    Perfect for any caravan or motorhome bathroom the Fiamma Soap Dispencer holds 200 ML of refillable liquid soap or shampoo. Transparent container for prompt refilling. Practical long lasting push button pump. Dispenses approximately 100 doses.
  • Fiamma Soft 6 Toilet Roll

    Fiamma Soft 6 Toilet Roll

    It wont clog up tanks or waste valves as its water soluble wadded cellulose. Special 2 ply soft toilet tissue, specially formulated for fixed and portable toilets. Stronger and softer tissue dissolves quickly in water. 300 sheets per roll.
  • Fiamma Toilet Brush Pro

    Fiamma Toilet Brush Pro

    Fiamma Toilet Brush Pro with holder that has been specially designed for motorhome and caravan bathrooms. Compact, it takes up very little space in the corner of the bathroom. The big bristle brush cleans efficiently without scratching.
  • Fiamma Toilet Brush Seat Fit

    Fiamma Toilet Brush Seat Fit

    Fiamma Toilet Brush with container, essential for all chemical toilets. Supplied with velcro for fastening to inside of toilet lid. Brush is made using durable rubber, which is easy to clean.
  • Thetford Aqua Soft Toilet Paper

    Thetford Aqua Soft Toilet Paper

    A specially developed super-soft toilet paper that quickly dissolves in your waste holding tank. This prevents clogging and makes the waste-holding tank easier to empty. Ordinary toilet paper doesnt break down so easily and can cause blockages.


    Wicker baskets can add a homely feel to a room whilst providing a practical storage solution. The Cottered is the compact version of the Wydiall basket, making it perfect for carrying and storing kindling and other small household items. The fully lined interior prevents snagging, making the baskets suitable for storing washing, towels, childrens toys and more.