Thetford 525 Grill Oven 2019

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The new 525 Oven with grill is made to match the 525 mm wide refrigerators and completes your kitchen.
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Thetford 525 Grill Oven 2019

The new 525 Oven with grill is made to match the 525 mm wide refrigerators and completes your kitchen.

Following the trend to use space as efficiently as possible, Thetford developed the 525 Oven to perfectly match the standard 525 mm wide refrigerators. “We all know the under-utilised spot above the fridge. The 420 Oven proved the relevance of using this space. With the 525 Oven we complete our portfolio and give all situations, for both 420 and 525 wide refrigerators the possibility to turn this spot into a functional space” says Dirk Valder, Manager Product Management RV/ OEM International of Thetford. The 525 Oven has quite some interesting features like a smart fan system and removable fascia.

Smart fan system

The 525 Oven can be installed as a stand-alone oven, but is designed to be installed on top of the 525 mm wide refrigerator. Therefore this oven is equipped with a new smart fan system to prevent overheating of the surrounding cabinet and ceiling in high level installations above the fridge.  The twin fan cooling system channels the air above the oven keeping things cool outside the oven. The fans automatically switch on once the oven reaches a certain temperature. Built-in overheat switches on both grill and oven functions ensures double safe protection. With a top-hinged door the 525 Oven’s door directly serves as a heat shield for hot air reaching the ceiling, and makes for much easier access to the food being cooked. When using the grill you keep the oven door open, the door serving as a heat shield.

Convenient cooking

The 525 oven is an oven with grill, giving lots of cooking opportunities. The inside cavity has rounded corners, facilitating easy cleaning. Having a full door seal and efficient burner design, the oven has an optimised temperature spread and fast pre-heating period. Of course, the oven shelf is provided with an anti-rattle solution to keep the noise from the oven as quiet as possible while driving your camper or caravan.

Great serviceability

Not only was consumer convenience and safety taken into account, but also the convenience for dealers and OEMs. The 525 Oven can be installed either flush or protruding. The 525 Oven can be positioned both above the 525 mm wide refrigerators and stand alone. A unique feature of the 525 Oven, like the 420 Oven, is its serviceability. While the oven requires little servicing, should an issue occur the fascia can easily be removed to get access to the serviceable parts.

Please note this is the Oven only. The fridge is just shown for illustration purposes.

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Product Code SOG5205-SP
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