Strip Lights

As well as spotlights, downlighters and exterior lighting, another essential for your recreational vehicle is strip lights. Our extensive range of strip lights contains big name brands such as Labcraft and Lumo - so you can rest at ease
knowing that your conversion is safe and durable.

We'd strongly recommend our best-seller - the Labcraft Nebula 1000 LED striplight. It is a long-life, high intensity light emitting diode striplight that offers great luminosity; complete with a 2 year guarentee.

Courtesy of Labcraft's innovative LED technology, the Labcraft Orizon LED striplight is a great choice for any recreational vehicle (whether it be a campervan, motorhome, or caravan). Its versatility and efficiency is on offer for a price that won't break the bank. 

In terms of what Lumo has to offer, the Lumo LED striplight is a great purchase. Functional and stylish, this switch-operated striplight is a very efficient replacement for other similar, traditional fittings.

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  • Fiamma 31 LED Awning Light

    Fiamma 31 LED Awning Light

    The Fiamma LED Awning Light is an external LED light for Fiamma awnings. Robust construction using solid painted aluminium. It includes 31 LED lamps with intense white light that doesn't create unpleasant heat.
  • Fiamma Awning Arms 36 LED Light

    Fiamma Awning Arms 36 LED Light

    The Fiamma Rafter LED lighting system is composed of 4 light strips, 2 light strips per awning arm. Light strips consist of 9 LED lights, providing 36 LED's in total.
  • Fiamma Kit Awning LED

    Fiamma Kit Awning LED

    The Fiamma Kit Awning LED is composed of two 10 led strip lights, which clip into the inside leading edge of all F45 and F65 Fiamma awnings. Low power consumption running on 12V voltage, with 5 metres of cable included for easy connection.
  • Fiamma Kit LED Awning Case 50cm

    Fiamma Kit LED Awning Case 50cm

    Convenient form of lighting for external use on F45S and F45L awnings. 3M kit comprises of 6 individual strips that slide together below the awning in to the rear channel.
  • Fiamma LED Awning Case

    Fiamma LED Awning Case

    The Fiamma LED Awning Case, is a 12v LED strip light that fits directly to the underside of F45 S and F45 L awnings. Each section is easily fed into a profile only found on F45 S and F45 L Fiamma awning.
  • Fiamma LED Awning Light Gutter

    Fiamma LED Awning Light Gutter

    The Fiamma LED Awning Light Gutter is an innovative version of the original classic Fiamma Led Awning Light. The Fiamma LED Awning Light Gutter is elegantly designed to fit around the top of the door frame, its curved shape allows the light to act as a rain gutter.
  • Labcraft Nebula 500 LED Striplight

    Labcraft Nebula 500 LED Striplight

    Long life, high intensity LEDs - The Nebula incorporates the Orizon LED strip light, which uses the latest in LED technology, offering optimum performance and extended life.
  • Labcraft Orizon LED Striplight

    Labcraft Orizon LED Striplight

    Long life high intensity LEDs* – by using the latest in LED technology the Orizon offers optimum performance and extended life.  The properties of these LEDs give greater luminosity allowing us to offer a brighter unit whilst using fewer LEDs to maintain the low power draw.
  • Lumo LED Mini Rotalite Striplight

    Lumo LED Mini Rotalite Striplight

    The attractive Lumo Mini LED20 Rotalite has all the benefits of long life and low energy consumption. The fitting is switched and the LED barrel can rotate to direct the light. The unit is 12v and consumes 2.4 watts.
  • Lumo LED Rotalite Striplight

    Lumo LED Rotalite Striplight

    Elegant and innovative, this switch operated caravan light unit has a rotating LED barrel that allows you direct the light source where it is most needed. Hard wearing, the Rota Lite is an ideal under-shelf fitting. Alternatively, it is perfect for general lighting and with a low consumption of only 2W, it provides a very efficient light source too.
  • Lumo LED Striplight

    Lumo LED Striplight

    Functional and stylish, the switch operated LED18 StripLite is an LED replacement for many similar, traditional fittings. Ideal for use as an under-counter striplight, it only consumes 2W, making this caravan light a very efficient striplight replacement.