Propex Heatsource HS2000E Heater Unit Single Vehicle Kit with Digital Control Panel

Product code: HS2000EV1-D
Propex Heatsource HS2000E Heater Unit + Single Outlet Vehicle Kit with Digital Control Panel
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Propex Heatsource HS2000E Heater Unit Single Vehicle Kit with Digital Control Panel

The HS2000E heater is an automatic thermostatically controlled blown air heating system fuelled by propane/ butane gas or 230V mains electric.

A single outlet vehicle kit (V1) contains
  • 1 x 1 metre 60mm ducting
  • 1 x 1 metre combustion inlet pipe
  • 1 x 0.75 meter Stainless Steel Exhaust pipe
  • 1 x Digital Thermostat
  • 3.5 metres thermostat wiring harness
  • 3.5 metres 12v supply harness
  • 1 x directional hot air outlet
  • 1 x directional cool air return vent
  • Hose clips, fasteners, screws, inline fuse,  instructions, drilling template

Propex Heatsource blown air systems are used in many applications throughout the world, these include Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Cranes, Horseboxes, Trucks, RV’s etc.

Digital Control Panel

The kit includes the digital thermostat in place of the rotary dial style one. Digital selection of the required temperature allows precise setting to within a degree Centigrade within the 0 – 30C range. Its design allows it to accept standard CBE frames, so providing the ability to select from a wide range of readily available colours and styles to suit the interior of the vehicle. When connected to a gas only heater the thermostat offers the additional feature of a  1 – 16 hour countdown timer, selectable in one hour increments.

Gas Efficiency
With forced air combustion and the Propex two stage stainless steel heat-exchanger, the HS2000E is a clean and highly efficient way to heat your vehicle. Air for combustion is taken from outside your caravan and passed into the combustion chamber having been mixed with gas during three aeration stages, it is ignited automatically and heats up the large surface area of the heat-exchanger. The Heatsource units are totally room sealed and exhaust all products of combustion externally through the neat 22mm i.d. stainless steels flue pipe. To add to the efficiency, cabin air is normally re-circulated in preference to using cold air from outside. The HS series heaters are also very efficient on 12 volt electrical current consumption drawing less than 1.7 amps on gas operation or 2.2 amps during mains electric operation.

Mains Electric
For those using a mains hook up there is the option of using the powerful electric element with efficient heat exchanger built in. Three settings are available giving 500W, 1 KW or 2 KW of heat output and drawing a maximum current of 9 Amps. The motor speed is altered to suit each power level to ensure maximum efficiency or, when on low 500w setting keeping motor and air noise to a minimum for night time running. The heater is supplied with a mains cable and moulded 3 pin plug.
The HS2000E is supplied with complete fitting kits to suit a vehicle application. In vehicles and caravans the unit is usually mounted in a bed-box or cupboard, flued downwards through the floor and out to the side of the vehicle using flexible stainless ducting. These ducts (22mm i.d. for the HS2000E) are supplied as standard in lengths of 750mm. The ends are finished with neat stainless steel end-caps which comply with EN624. The heat is ducted to one or more outlets through tough highly flexible 60mm ducting. In the case of multi-outlet installations, the first outlet is an open outlet with directional control and the rest are closable and are used in conjunction with the appropriate sized plastic Y-branches.

Propex Heatsource HS2000E Brochure Click Here

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Brand Propex
Condition New
Product Code HS2000EV1-D