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    • Dometic SEITZ Acrylic Window Cleaner & Polish System Kit

      Dometic SEITZ Acrylic Window Cleaner & Polish System Kit

      Complete kit for thorough cleaning and appropriate maintenance of acrylic glass windows. Excellent restoration and cleaning process for windows on motorhomes, caravans and boats. 2 step process clean and polish.
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      The perfect travel companion, easier auto marine is ideal for cars, boats, bikes, camping and much more! Absorbs 3 times faster and holds 50% more water than a normal chamois, Re-useable, Lint free, Resistant to most chemicals, Unharmed by grease, oils & solvents. Machine washable, Safe on delicate paint finishes, Tough and durable - resists tearing and shredding. Dries surfaces completely leaving a streak free finish. Handy plastic storage case, Hundreds of household uses too!, Dimensions: 430mm x 320mm
    • Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap

      Kontrol Streamline Moisture Trap

      Protect your home from the effects of condensation and musty odours with the new improved moisture trap. Large enough to collect up to a litre of liquid but compact enough to sit on windowsills and fit neatly in cupboards, caravans and more, it gives you protection where you need it most without the need for batteries or a power source.
    • Streetwize Blaster Brush With Jet Spray

      Streetwize Blaster Brush With Jet Spray

      Blaster Brush is a patented pressurised brush new to the UK. This is not a regular flow-through brush that water trickles through the patented 2 -in-1 design combines the ultimate in scratch-free brush technology with a high pressure sprayer.