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At Grasshopper Leisure, you can find bike carries for carry-bike garage, Fiamma carry-bike garage, Fiamma carry-bike garage slide pro bike, Fiamma carry-bike garage standard, Fiamma carry-bike moto Fiamma carry-bike pro.

We provide a wide range of bike carriers, bike carriers accessories, bike carriers for campervans, bike carriers for caravans, bike carries for cars, bike carries for motorhomes, carry-bike garage for your campervan, caravan, motorhomes and cars. 
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  • Fiamma Cargo Accessory Kit

    Fiamma Cargo Accessory Kit

    The Fiamma Cargo Accessory Kit is composed of 4 supplementary hooks and 2 rubber bands. To be used with the Fiamma Cargo Strap.
  • Fiamma Cargo Back

    Fiamma Cargo Back

    Soft luggage bag made from anti-rip reinforced nylon that can easily be installed on all rear bike carriers. Ideal for transporting chairs, camping equipment or sporting goods. Quick attach and remove system. Water resistant thanks to the nylon YKK zippers. Fixing straps included. 
  • Fiamma Cargo Strap

    Fiamma Cargo Strap

    Strong fixing system to strap everyday items such as small tables, chairs, spare wheel and water containers etc. against the wall of the motorhome garage facility. Simply mount the strong ABS wall tracks with the proper screw (standard delivered), set the related hooks and position the rubber bands in order to tension them according to the objects you have to fix.
  • Fiamma Carry-Bike Garage Plus

    Fiamma Carry-Bike Garage Plus

    Fiamma Carry-Bike Plus Garage Bicycle Carrier is designed to transport up to four bicycles in your motorhome's garage, safely securing your bicycles while travelling. With brackets to fasten the carrier to the floor of the vehicle, it has an easy-to-fold lower section, giving you more storage space when the carrier is not required.
  • Fiamma Carry-Bike Garage Standard

    Fiamma Carry-Bike Garage Standard

    The Fiamma Carry-Bike Garage Standard comes standard to carry two bikes which can be upgraded to carry three (please select option upon ordering).
  • Fiamma Carry-Bike Moto

    Fiamma Carry-Bike Moto

    The Fiamma Carry-Moto is an ideal way to carry your motorcycle or scooter in your motorhome's garage. The 202cm rail is supplied with two sturdy straps to fix your motorcycle in place while travelling, and the 180cm chute easily slides in to connect with the rail for easy loading and unloading. Made of sturdy galvanised aluminium, it can carry up to 200kg.
  • Fiamma Carry-Bike Moto Pro

    Fiamma Carry-Bike Moto Pro

    The Fiamma Carry-Moto Pro is an ideal way to carry your motorcycle or scooter in your motorhome's garage. The fixed rail is adjustable in height from 8 to 11cm, and the chute easily slides underneath the fixed rail, making it easy to load up your bike, slide the chute up and go! Made of sturdy galvanised aluminium, it can carry up to 200kg and comes with two strong fixing straps.
  • Fiamma Carry-Ramp Motorbike Carrier

    Fiamma Carry-Ramp Motorbike Carrier

    The Fiamma Carry Ramp (previously called Carry-Moto S) is the new motorbike-carrier for all motorhomes with garage facility. Consists of a ramp in galvanized aluminium that can be installed on the door of your motorhome or on the floor of the garage facility.
  • Fiamma Garage Bars

    Fiamma Garage Bars

    Fiamma Garage Bars have been designed for easy installation to most motorhome garage facilities. Your problem of securing items in the garage is solved. Fiamma Garage-Bars include 2x 200 cm long anodised aluminium bars, which are fixed to the garage walls, each complete with 5 eye sliding hooks and fixing screws.
  • Fiamma Garage Bars Corner

    Fiamma Garage Bars Corner

    Fiamma Garage Bars Corner is a new version of Fiamma Garage Bar but with a shape especially designed for installation in the corner of the motorhome garage.
  • Fiamma Garage Carry-Rail

    Fiamma Garage Carry-Rail

    The Fiamma Garage Carry-Rail is the ideal clothes hanger for use inside the garage or the storage area of the motorhome. Made up of a sturdy and light tubular rail in anodized aluminium and fixed via 2 sturdy ceiling supports with counterplates that provide the Carry-Rail with firm roots.
  • Fiamma Garage Pack multipurpose

    Fiamma Garage Pack multipurpose

    GARAGE PACK Multi-purpose kit to quickly and economically arrange the garage of your motorhome.  Simple and flexible modular system.
  • Fiamma Garage Pack Plus multipurpose

    Fiamma Garage Pack Plus multipurpose

    To quickly and economically arrange the garage of your motorhome. GARAGE PACK PLUS Multi-purpose kit complete with fixing structure for bikes and various accessories to arrange the garage facility in the best way.
  • Fiamma Garage System

    Fiamma Garage System

    The Fiamma Garage Standard version is a single shelf for the garage of your camper, with the Fiamma Kit Upgrade you can enlarge it adding more shelves, ideal for the garage of much larger motorhomes.
  • Fiamma Garage-Bars Premium

    Fiamma Garage-Bars Premium

    Fiamma Garage Bars Premium for an easy installation in most motorhome garage facilities. Composed of 2 multi-use bars made of sturdy anodized aluminium with an innovative design that takes up little space. Each bar includes 5 Eye Kit Premium / Corner
  • Fiamma Kit Eye Premium / Corner

    Fiamma Kit Eye Premium / Corner

    Kit composed of 2 quick-action connecting hooks with retaining ring. For Garage-Bars Premium and Garage-Bars Corner.
  • Fiamma Kit Eye, Fits Fiamma Garage Bars

    Fiamma Kit Eye, Fits Fiamma Garage Bars

    Fiamma Kit Eye, for use with Fiamma Garage Bars and some other makes of motorhome garage bars. The Kit Eye is an extra set of sliding hooks that can be fitted into the garage bars offering more fixing points for storage solutions. Sold as pair.
  • Fiamma Kit Frame Cargo Back

    Fiamma Kit Frame Cargo Back

    The ideal system to keep your Cargo Back sturdy also when it’s not completely full. Made of light anodized aluminium tubes and plastic connector pieces to be assembled together for a solid fastening. This is a removable kit, easy to assemble and easy to fit inside your Cargo Back. 
  • Fiamma Kit Square Plates

    Fiamma Kit Square Plates

    Fiamma Kit Square Plates are stainless steel hooks that can be mounted to the floor or walls of the garage for securing straps, elastic cords and ropes.
  • Fiamma LED Garage Light

    Fiamma LED Garage Light

    The Fiamma LED Garage Light is perfect for installation in the motorhome garage facility or caravan storage compartment. Robust construction using solid painted aluminium. It includes 31 LED lamps with intense white light.
  • Fiamma LED Solar Warning Lights

    Fiamma LED Solar Warning Lights

    These Fiamma LED Solar Warning Lights are an innovative kit of two signal intermittent lights. They should be positioned around the motorhome or caravan to signal a dangerous area. Each light features a solar panel that recharges the internal batteries during the day. It fits to the Fiamma Tie Down Straps.
  • Fiamma LED Step Light

    Fiamma LED Step Light

    New Fiamma LED Step lighting system with low consumption. Perfect for the entrance of the motorhome or caravan, to increase security and safety when using the steps late at night. Made of sturdy anodized aluminium 50 cm wide, but can be shortened to 23 cm. Also suitable for garage facilities and storage compartments.
  • Fiamma Luggage Bar

    Fiamma Luggage Bar

    The Fiamma Luggage Bar is a solid telescopic bar ideal for fastening your camping equipment into the garage facility of your motorhome while travelling. Easy to regulate using the handy lever hooking. Rubber covered terminals to assure a steady grip without marking the walls of the motorcaravan. Made of sturdy and light anodized aluminium tubes.
  • Fiamma Ultra-Box rear box

    Fiamma Ultra-Box rear box

    The rear boxes are made with a top quality ABS-PLUS to provide high resistance against impacts and weather conditions as well as protection against violet rays.
  • Fiamma Ultra-Box roof box

    Fiamma Ultra-Box roof box

    The superior roof boxes for your motorhome and motorcaravan with completely reinforced aluminium structure and watertight foam seal.


    Bungee Clic can be used to secure loads at work at home or out camping. It gives you all you need to build and adjust safe custom length ties to suit your needs and requirements.
  • Streetwize Bicycle Carrier Roof Bar Fitting

    Streetwize Bicycle Carrier Roof Bar Fitting

    This easy to install cycle carrier fits to your roof rails and roof bars allowing your transport your bike by road. The carrier attaches to your bike’s frame for secure transport and includes a lock for added security. Straps secure your bicycle’s wheels to the carrier for extra stability and you don’t need to remove the front wheel. Straps To Secure Wheels to the cycle carrier. Full fitting instructions included.