Camping & Beach Windbreaks & Screens

Windbreaks -  not just for the beach to keep wind and sand at bay, windbreaks are a must for camping, not only for adding privacy to your pitch but for extending your tents outdoor area and shielding it from the wind and prying eyes.
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    • Coleman  Windshield Classic

      Coleman Windshield Classic

      Offering greater privacy and protection on the campsite, the lightweight and convenient Windshield Classic features fibreglass poles for easy transportation to and from the campsite.
    • Easy Camp Beach Shelter

      Easy Camp Beach Shelter

      This is a single-skin structure that nevertheless provides important protection from sun, wind and even light rainfall – especially useful for very young children.
    • Easy Camp Shore Windbreak

      Easy Camp Shore Windbreak

      A horizontally striped, more traditional windscreen brought into the current day by contemporary, sunny colours. Easy to put up, Shore offers fuller protection from unwanted breezes. It’s also easy to handle and carry.
    • Easy Camp Windscreen Grey

      Easy Camp Windscreen Grey

      With practical colours and easy to pitch, the stable Windscreen offers ideal protection from breezes and adds an extra dimension to privacy on site or on the beach.
    • Gemstone Journey & Turismo Matching Windbreak

      Gemstone Journey & Turismo Matching Windbreak

      The Gemstone matching windbreak is an ideal complement to the Turismo drive away awnings and Journey caravan awnings. Packed into a handy valise, these windbreaks fold away quickly and easily and take up very little room
    • Outwell Windscreen Charcoal Grey

      Outwell Windscreen Charcoal Grey

      Based on the colour of pebbled beaches, the Outwell Windscreen in charcoal grey is just the thing for seaside jaunts, days out or camping trips. Providing 5m of wind protection, the three fabric sections are 140cm high and have a handy PVC window at the top for looking around.
    • Outwell Windscreen Laguna Green

      Outwell Windscreen Laguna Green

      The Outwell Windscreen extends pitching options whilst the components and durable fabrics ensure a long life on site or the beach.